Monday, 7 March 2011

Chest Enhancement

In my bedroom I have a wooden chest.

This chest serves two purposes. Firstly, it acts as a bedside table; housing a lamp, a photo of my long-distance boyfriend and myself at the beach and a little cuddly toy that he bought for me. Mugs of tea and coffee, pots of hand cream and reminder notes for the following morning also make regular appearances. Secondly, it provides storage for bedding and pyjamas.

This is all very well and good except for one crucial flaw - the contents can often have a musky smell which isn't very pleasant. And when you get into new bedding or a new pair of pyjamas, you want to feel clean, cosy and relaxed - not smell like you're sleeping in a damp shed.

The beautiful scented and patterned draw liners I had often looked at in Tk Maxx but thought to be an unnecessary cost, were now the perfect solution. I had a good look around and found some Knayton Hall French Silk fragranced, pretty patterned draw liners.

I can also reuse the box for wrapping gifts - I tested whether a bottle of wine would fit and it's the perfect width - with a space above the bottle for some jewellery or little chocolates.

Also, Tk Maxx had some lovely stickers that are just perfect for the scrapbook I intend to make with photos and bits and bobs I have collected over the four years of my relationship with my boyfriend, for just £3.

Pretty are'nt they?

Anyway, back to the wooden chest.
I first took out the dirty looking piece of card that was at the bottom, gave the chest a quick clean, and replaced with some clean brown paper that came with a recent parcel.

I arranged the pretty fragranced paper all around the box, and still had enough left to line 2 small drawers.
Et Voila!

Much Better :)

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